A Failure and a Pass

Well, I failed the MS exam – then again, 560 something isn’t bad when you didn’t study and don’t use the OS regularly.  (700 is passing.)  Actually, I found the exam in many ways easier than I would have expected.  Kind of funny to say that when I failed, but I expected the questions to be more technically or intellectually rigorous, but they were more about details of fairly basic stuff.

On the up side, I got my results from the LPI 101 exam I took at OSCON, which I did pass even though I don’t use Linux much either (but I do use the GNU and Unix commands that are also tested.)  Ironically the section I did worst on was X, which I do use, though I try very hard to not administer X Windows whenever possible.

So I guess I need to study to retake the MS exam and study for LPI 102 now.


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