I actually cleared off an approximately 10 X 14 inch area on my desk today.  My coworkers were laughing at me for being happy about this given how messy my cube still is, but since that area hadn’t seen the light of day in something like two years (it’s always been the spot I NEVER get to), it was actually quite the project.

I really feel like I had an unproductive week this week, probably because I spent more time than I have in years waiting on compiles, because actually, I got a lot of long needed work done or to the point where it can be scheduled, just nothing spectacular.


One Response to “progress”

  1. Erik Charles Buck Olsen Says:

    I saw your 2006 mention of the Slegten Buck’s Stamtavle 1500 – 1928 (Registry of the Buck Family) and trying to translate it. I’d be very interested in such an effort….

    Erik Olsen

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