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September 9, 2004

Seems like I’m always explaining the same things to different people or doing tasks that could be turned over to Operations or shared with my coworkers because I haven’t documented it well enough; but I don’t have the time to document it well enough because I’m doing and explaining those tasks.  I do document almost everything, but mostly in the notebooks I keep, my online notes, or help desk tickets – none of which are easily accessible or understandable to anyone but me.  I’m much better at automating automatable tasks than I am at documenting tasks so others can do them or understand why we do them, and they are both equally important.  Two weeks ago, I decided that the best solution is to just set a goal of averaging a page of beta-quality documentation a day (anything over beta quality requires more testing and reviewing from others than I can count on getting in a timely manner.) I haven’t been getting anywhere near that done, but I have actually gotten some documentation done.  Not only that, but it’s making me think more about documentation and processes, which has allowed me to answer unexpected questions in meetings better.