experienced or resistant to change?

In the
August 2004 issue of Storage magazine there is an article on end-user file recovery.  They’ve got the photo of the fresh faced young IT guy with the pro-quote and the older, literally buttoned down, more experienced older IT guy saying “I don’t like that.”  Are they both legitimate opinions?  Absolutely!  But I gotta wonder, how much is legitimate difference of opinion and how much is an unwillingness to try something new?  The younger we are, the more we’ve been sold on the idea that self-service is better, the ideal, etc.  The more experienced we are, the more of that experience is with controlling the end user experience and IT doing everything.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides, but are we really looking at the advantages or just subconciously stuck in a rut?

Radding, Alan.  “end-user file recovery: Bonus or Bust?”  Storage.  Vol. 3, No. 6.  August 2004.  pp. 40-46.


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