O’Reilly Books

For some random reason, I decided to register one of my new O’Reilly books today (actually I wanted to download source.) It was my first time registering books online, so they presented me with a form to register 15 books. I usually keep most of my O’Reilly books in the office and only the ones I use most often for personal or consulting projects at home. Since I’m doing only consulting gigs at this point, the majority of my books are in the boxes I brought them home from the office in (although I occasionally dig one out, check something and put it back). So I decided to register the ones I was using for my current projects (XML, XUL, php, javascript, MySQL) and those on the shelf near my computer – I easily filled the 15 slots with more books to register. I knew I had a LOT of O’Reilly books, but I didn’t think I had that many! Then again, I am a book geek!


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