Boobie-Thon 2006 and Vendor T-Shirts

Boobiethon Banner

My service dog, Pico, having no modesty; has put up a picture of her nipples on her blog in honor of Boobie-Thon 2006.

I did send in a photo, but I’m a lot more modest than Pico! I was going to wear a vendor t-shirt, but

<rant alert>

I have NO vendor t-shirts in my size – NONE! I am not an XL. I am not an XXL. I’m not even a L. I wear a S or XS t-shirt. A size M is comfortably baggy. Anything larger and I can wear it is a dress – not, however a work friendly dress. And definitely not an attractive dress. My boyfriend is getting sick of seeing me drinking my coffee in the morning in shapeless vendor t-shirts – for that matter, my rabbit wishes I’d run out of them and switch back to a robe because he likes to chew on the hem. Hey, a woman’s t-shirt would be even better – oh, wait, everyone in IT is male and size XL. Don’t vendors think it would be better advertising if the t-shirts they sent out actually looked good on people?

I used to have a Xylogics t-shirt in my size, but it wore out. Vendors – think how many times I had to wear that shirt for it to literally fall apart in the wash one day, don’t you wish it was YOUR company getting that advertising?



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