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How’d I miss this one?!?

December 28, 2006

Just found the installf(1M) and removef(1M) commands on Solaris 10 to add and remove files from package contents.  I have no idea how I missed them before, but this is so cool!

Bell Labs Notebook

December 13, 2006

I like old books, so when I see the spine of a potentially old book at the thrift store, I have to check it out. Usually if it’s at the thrift store, it’s not anything good (or I could buy it for less in the book collectors market.) At any rate, tonight I found a blank book titled “Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated.” As a UNIX geek, I had to have it.

If you aren’t familiar with Bell Labs, head over to RIGHT NOW! I’ll still be here…

Back to my book, it’s a fabulous hardbound that opens flat and stays open to the page you open it to. And the pages are numbered (of course, numbering pages in my work journals has gotten me through numerous boring meetings.) I tried to figure out how old it is, but I have no good guesses. Nothing like a good work journal though! Although I don’t know if I can bring myself to use it – I might feel too pressured to only write brilliant ideas, and frankly, the only way I get brilliant ideas is by going through a bunch of dumb ones first.

There is a notice on the inside front cover reading:


This blank book is for general and miscellaneous notebook purposes.

It is not for use in recording laboratory notes. A Laboratory Notebook, larger in size and numbered for identification, is provided for that purpose.

If at any time, however, this book should be used to record data in connection with laboratory work of whatever nature, in order to make your work of permanent record, capable of proof should occasion arise, the following should be observed:

  1. Date and sign (or initial) each day’s entries.
  2. Identify all data with CASE NUMBERS.
  3. Record all data directly in this book – not on loose sheets of paper.
  4. Suggestions, ideas, etc. should be recorded, dated, signed and witnessed. The witness should also record the date of his signature.



Below that is a number (inventory number?) – 200229.

Note: I’d guess that some offshoot of Bell owns the copyright on the above, I’m only including it for identification purposes. Needless to say, I wouldn’t suggest taking it as legal advice either!

I’ll add a picture next time I copy photos from my phone to my SD card.