The hardest part of being a consultant.

I used to think my least favorite part of being an independent consultant was having to sell myself (sales really isn’t my forte.) I’m beginning to rethink that though. I think the hardest part of being a consultant is when people hire you to give them the “right” technical solution, but the best solution is really business dependant. As a technical consultant, I usually don’t know enough about their business to know what to recommend, so then I end up having to coach someone through making a business decision or plan they weren’t aware that they needed to make.

This isn’t specific to any one client I have or have had – it seems to happen to me a lot. I suspect this might actually be because I’m too good at business. I know one of my long term clients always calls me when they need technical AND business advice combined. Maybe I just need to market myself more that way, but I just enjoy the technical part more.


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