UWIN Wins – Unix for Windows

One of my biggest complaints about using Windows is how limited the DOS command line is. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you really could do everything necessary from the GUI, but unfortunately I can’t do everything I need to do from the GUI. You can always install Cygwin, but that provides a whole different environment – not better access to the existing environment. So, for instance I end up with two versions of gvim – one for use in Cygwin and one for use within Windows. Plus, it’s huge. Today, I found UWIN – Unix for WINdows. UWIN provides a korn shell and basic Unix commands integrated with your Windows environment. For instance, cc will run your installed C compiler. You can download UWIN from ATT  at the bottom of the Software Download Packages page.  (BTW this is the same place you get the Korn93 shell for your Unix system.) If you miss your Unix shell in Windows, UWIN is the solution!  I know I’ll be a lot more productive now!

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One Response to “UWIN Wins – Unix for Windows”

  1. Sophia Says:

    It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people about this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


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