Who really does the work?

I don’t normally believe that your blog is a good place to talk about your boss – good or bad – but when said boss lives a self-consciously transparent life available (and viewed) world wide over the internet, I think the rules change.  My collegue, Martin Mushrush, has an excellent post on his blog – an open letter to Mr. Sivers – in response to some of this public commentary from our-boss-until-yesterday, Derek Sivers. (No, we weren’t fired.)  Derek is probably best known in the tech industry for his very public migration from PHP to Rails and back to PHP (7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails) and to independant musicians as for his wide variety of advice on success as an independant musician. (ie. here and here) While Martin is addressing a specific situation, some of his comments about sharing the credit are useful fodder for all of us in software industry.

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